International Law

From its inception, the firm has been actively involved in representing local, national, and foreign clients in many phases of commerce, investment, and industry. Its lawyers provide expert and cost-effective representation on issues that arise for United States entities or residents with international business interests and for foreign entities or persons with interests in the US. Our representation includes a wide array of matters relating to:

  • Formation and Management of Foreign Companies
  • Foreign Debt-Swap Transactions
  • Foreign Investments by U.S. Persons
  • Selection of Investment Vehicles for U.S. Assets
  • Tax Planning
  • Offshore Trusts and Financial Planning
  • Foreign Investments in U.S. Assets
  • Real Estates and Business Investment
  • Offshore Corporations

The attorneys in the firm’s international practice are continually involved in structuring transactions and resolving conflicts that cross national boundaries. The firm represents and counsels foreign clients in their commercial and personal activities in the United States, Latin American, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and assists clients in both inbound and outbound transactions. The firm has numerous multi-national and foreign corporations, foreign individuals, financial institutions and even foreign governments among its clients.

To best serve its international clientele, the firm has established numerous correspondent relationships with law firms located throughout South and Central America, as well as in Spain. These foreign firms are available to assist the firm whenever the need arises.